Recruitment is one of the most important pillars of success to drive your business. The right people at the right place at the right time. We proud ourselves to have a global talent reach, combining great recruitment processes with established global networks of exceptional candidates and clients. Consulting ME Group of companies are offering several recruitment services. We want to understand your requirements to find, grow and manage your most important asset: The people in your organization.


Our team of recruiters and consultants is specialized in several industries. We have access to hundreds of recruiters.  Dedicated specialists for your business and industry.


The first contact to a potential employee reflects the image of your company. Our dedicated senior recruiters have many years of experience and are able to approach the executives on highest level on a discrete manner.


You have plenty of employees where you may think these are worth to put in a special talent program. We help you to identify and implement talent drive programs that will secure the future management skills and pool within your company.


You have large number of people to recruit a year? But it might be a seasonal business or you don’t feel comfortable with your existing recruitment portfolio or your overhead count? We are embedding an experienced team of industry specialist in your company. Let us show you how optimize your structures to save costs in your recruitment process.


We trust professional tools to asses the potential candidates prior to their assignment. We have access to dedicated tests for sales, accountant, general psychometric analysis and we also can provide security check reports.