Assessment Centre

Assessment Center

Wrong choices can be expensive and hiring is always high risk. Your organization deserves an objective overview of the candidate’s suitability, competency, compatibility and sustainability for future.

Psychometric tests

Psychometric tests may be used to analyze the skills and abilities of a candidate and match these with the requirement of the job position. These tests are designed to filter out the right candidate for the specific job opening. We can divide the psychometric test part into the following two categories:

Aptitude and ability tests:

Aptitude and ability tests are designed to measure logical reasoning or thinking performance. They are standardized tests consisting of multiple choice questions that are administered under strict exam conditions.

Personality tests:

Personality tests are standardized questionnaires to reveal the aspects of a candidate’s character. It is used to determine typical reactions of a candidate to various situations. Employers look at several factors during the recruitment process, such as how well you get on with others, your reaction to stressful situations and other forms of attitude towards work- and non-work-related situations.